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Powder Coating, Sandblasting and Prime Coating

Specialising in both decorative and functional metal finishing, Best Coatings is a proven business to business partner that offers reliable and quality service in a timely manner. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting finish, correctly applied powder coating over steel, aluminium or castings, can enhance the appearance and use of all your components. Being both decorative and functional, powder coating can be used to enhance most newly fabricated or cast items.


Using Dulux, Akzo Nobel Interpon, Jotun and Oxytech powders, we can apply coatings with various gloss levels, textures, ripples, hammer tones and pearlescent, Powder Coating can be applied to restore your rims, car parts, fences, security door, garden furniture or any other metal products around your work or home.


In addition to Powder Coating, Best Coatings also offer a high-quality abrasive blasting or sandblasting services suitable for rust removal, paint removal, descaling and for surface preparation prior to prime coating and powder coating. Sandblasting is perfect for those looking to either restore old or tired metal object to that “as new condition” or for those seeking to have the ultimate pre-treatment enhancing their metal components service life. From abrasive blasting and chemical stripping to prime coating and powder coating, Best Coatings provides a comprehensive service with a great depth of experience and the right advice.

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About Us

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With over 24 years continuous experience under its current Owner / Manager, Best Coatings incorporating Juressic Powder Coating, specialises in the coating of various substrates, whilst offering leading service and advice in a timely manner.

With its foundation firmly in the metal manufacturing industry, Best Coatings works within the realms of quality assured environment and AS4506, supporting its clients that use JIT, KANBAN, MRP, ERP and TQ systems. By only utilising proven outside processing partners to complement its services, Best Coatings delivers quality powder coating, prime coating and sandblasting to a broad range of customers in segments such as POS, retail displays, industrial storage, medical, scientific, safety, manufacturing, building and transport industries.

Our quality assurance process utilises in-house testing for cure, adhesion, thickness and gloss. In addition, we have our own oven trace for jobs that necessitate a customised curing schedule.

Our Specialties

Powder Coating

Used  for many years across the manufacturing, commercial and private sectors, powder coating has a range of beneficial qualities as a metal finish. With our wide range of colours and finishes, customers will have the freedom to choose the perfect appearance to complement their products whether it is to match existing colours or give a new and fresh feel. 


As a specialised form of cleaning metal, in order to achieve a high-quality finish, we at Best Coatings only use top equipment to conduct our sandblasting and coating services. No matter what metal surface you have, we will apply well established, grounding techniques that have been used in industry across the years, to produce the best results we know how.

Prime Coating

Manufacturers of outdoor items such as playgrounds, furniture, lighting or components, have a few options to improve the outdoor performance of their work by using metals more suitable for outdoor use, by using pre-coated metals, by galvanizing, zinc plating, e-coating or by specifying chemical pre-treatments prior to the application of the coloured powder coat finish.   

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